How much does a roof restoration cost?

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Roof restorations can be costly, because not only does the roof repairer have to clean the roof, they may need to replace tiles, do repointing or rebedding, and even replace flashing. Minor repairs can cost as little as $300 to $600, depending on the size of the roof, but full roof restorations can cost anywhere […]

Roof maintenance

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A regular inspection schedule is very important to understand what maintenance is required for your roof, some roofs don’t need maintenance for years while some require it more often, however the only way to tell is to inspect it ! At URB’n roofing we recommend that you inspect your roof twice a year. You can […]

How long does a roof restoration take?

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Roof restoration takes 2 to 3 days on average, depending on what needs to be done. Smaller jobs can be completed over a weekend for minimal disruption.

Hiring a roof restorer – roof restoration

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When it’s time to hire a roof restorer, you need to make sure they’re the right person for the job. Some questions to ask them include: Are you licensed? (QBCC) Do you have valid insurance? Can you provide a written quote? How long is the warranty on your materials? Do you have references I can […]