When it’s time to hire a roof restorer, you need to make sure they’re the right person for the job. Some questions to ask them include:

  • Are you licensed? (QBCC)
  • Do you have valid insurance?
  • Can you provide a written quote?
  • How long is the warranty on your materials?
  • Do you have references I can follow up?

No matter the size of your roofing job, always request that the quote covers off everything to be done, is it just clean and paint or repair, repoint and clean and paint. Whatever it is make sure it is all written down on the quote to ensure nothing is missed.

Getting quotes for roof restoration

When you get quotes for roof restoration, it is better to have this done in person to ensure no hidden costs or surprises, things that are taken into account to ensure an accurate quote are:

  • The approximate size of the roof
  • Number of broken tiles, ridge and barge caps
  • Can the pointing be repaired or is there a need for a full repoint?
  • The current condition of the roof, has it been painted previously is the paint peeling?
  • The roof pitch
  • The type of roof you have
  • Whether it’s a one or two-storey home as this may incur safety rail costs.

When you compare quotes, make sure they list everything in detail. For example, if you need a quote for painting your roof, the quote should include cleaning and preparation costs as well as the number of coats of paint that will be used. A good paint job should include a base coat, secondary coat and top coat.

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