We provide a holistic approach when it comes to servicing you, and your roofs needs. Our scope of works and services for your roof includes;

Roof leak repairs

At URB’n roofing we know that a leaky roof can cause stress and frustration especially when you have had It looked at multiple times, what we do differently is work with you and create a situation as close to what has caused this leak to help identify it and then resolve it for good.

Often a leak can appear from one spot on your ceiling however this mark may not have appeared exactly where the mark is, it could have travelled down sarking, battens or bearers.

we work to ensure that this leak is rectified once and for all with a piece of mind guarantee.

Roof repairs and maintenance

Don’t let your roof problems escalate.  our team specialises in roof repairs & maintenance, providing a wide range of quality solutions for all roof types, from Tin roof repairs to Cement Tile Repairs to Terracotta Roof repairs, we can do it all, get in touch with URB’n roofing today for our expert advice on how to get your roof repaired.

Roof Restoration

URB’n roofings quality roof restoration service is the answer to restore your roof and prolong the life of your roof.

Our Roof restoration & routine roof maintenance service help ensure your roof stays in tip top condition for longer, delaying costly avoidable roof replacements & extensive roof repairs. At URB’n roofing we provide quality roof restoration services to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

Our Roof Restoration services meets you and your roofs needs, we look at the condition of your roof and work out exactly what is required to bring your roof back to life, back to as close as possible to where it was when it was first placed onto your home.  At URB’n roofing we pride ourselves in the end result and know that our roof restoration services will give your roof years of extended life.

Tile roofs rely heavily on the sealer coat and membrane coating. These coatings are prone to deterioration when this coating deteriorates it allows the tile to become porous which can result in water ingress as well as cracking of the pointing and other roofing issues.  When this occurs a roof restoration is required to bring your tiled roof back to its original watertight condition.

Before we commence a roof restoration, we look at what repairs are needed prior to the final process of cleaning, sealing and painting of your roof, there are various common issues that we look for, these include replacing cracked tiles, ridge caps and barge caps, re-bedding of ridge caps, repointing ridge caps, replacing faulty tile clips, repair or replacing of flashing and replacing or repairing of valleys.

Our team of experienced roof tilers and roof painters that are fully trained in all aspects of tiled roof repairs and roof restorations to ensure a high-quality end result that will have all your neighbours envious.

The first part and most important part of roof painting is the clean or preparation as we call it, over the years your roof will accumulate dirt, debris, moss and other organic matter that may require different cleaning techniques, at URB’n roofing we use only professional grade cleaning products and mould treatments when washing your roof to prepare your roof for the next stage. Our experience roof technicians are all equipped with the best commercial equipment and training to provide a thorough clean from start to finish.

The second stage is the Roof sealing or roof primer which is used to  protect your roof from leaks, water damage, and other issues. This stage involves applying a specially formulated sealant to your roof, creating a waterproof barrier that helps to prevent moisture from penetrating the surface. At URB’n roofing our experience team only use quality materials and techniques to ensure your roof is fully protected and able to withstand harsh Queensland weather for years to come.

Once the roof is sealed it is time to add the membrane paint, this is an essential and final part of your roof restoration.  The multiple layers of membrane paint help not only keep moisture out of your roof and protect it from the harsh Queensland weather, but it also adds street appeal and value to your home.

At URB’n roofing our experience with roof painting and colour choice can help you choose the colour that best suits your home or your vision for your home, call now for a free roof inspection for your roof painting service.


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