Whether you own a home or business, your roof is your building’s most essential part. It’s your primary defence against the elements and can keep your property comfortable. 

Besides scheduling regular maintenance and repairs, you should consider investing in quality roof painting. It’s an affordable way to brighten your establishment and protect it from moisture. 

If you want to enjoy a more colourful building, this article will explain the benefits of professional roof painting and answer your commonly asked questions. 

Why You Should Schedule a Professional Roof Painting

Property owners must consider professional roof painting because it can give their roofing a fresh coat of paint and reflect the sun’s rays to save money on energy bills. It can also help protect your home from the elements and make it look better. Moreover, painting your roof can increase property value and protect it against bad weather. 

What’s a Good Colour Scheme for My Roofing?

Selecting a light colour for your home’s roof is an excellent way to bring out its natural beauty. Grey and white are popular choices that work well with your landscape while making your house look attractive and unique. They also blend in with your home’s existing colours, allowing you to create a unified look. 

What Will Protect My House from Sun Damage?

There are different roof paints to choose from at your local store. You can select a colour that can protect your home against the sun’s harmful rays, strong winds, and moisture. You can also opt for a paint that allows solar radiation to pass through. 

How Do You Apply Roof Paint?

You can protect your home’s roof by brushing or spraying roof paint. You can also purchase paint cans from a store or a DIY kit online. 

First, grab a bucket and a few brushes. Next, use a garden hose to spray the roof with the paint while keeping it dry. Finally, let your roofing completely dry before walking on it. 

How Long Will It Take? 

It usually takes four to six hours per square foot to complete a roofing project and two weeks to accomplish the task. Factors like the roof type and time of the year can influence the time it takes to finish it. 

Can Roof Paint Prevent Leaks?

You can protect your roof from mould and water damage by applying special paint to your roofing system. It creates a barrier to keep the water out and prevents it from seeping underneath the shingles. That way, your roof will dry out much quicker and minimise the risk of mould growth. 

Does Roof Paint Last Long?

You can determine a roof’s longevity by knowing how well you maintain it. You can extend your roof’s lifespan by keeping its painted layers clean and debris-free. You should also let a professional repair the damages before repainting the affected areas. 

Is It Expensive? 

While roof painting can be expensive, remember that the benefits outweigh the initial cost. A quality paint job on your roof can protect it from the elements and boost your home’s property value.

Can It Prevent Rust? 

Roof paint helps to protect metal surfaces from rusting and corrosion by creating a barrier between the metal surface and moisture, salt and other harmful elements. That way, you can keep the metal’s good condition and extend its lifespan. 

Are Roof Paints Safe to Use?

Roof paint is a safe and non-toxic home improvement option because it doesn’t have harsh chemicals like formaldehyde. It’s also environmentally friendly and doesn’t usually require professional help. 


Your roof’s appearance can make or break your property’s value and functionality. Investing in professional roof painting can make it look more appealing and durable. You can also ask an expert contractor to handle this job. 

If your home needs professional roof painting in Brisbane, let URB’n Roofing help! We provide a range of quality and cost-effective roofing services to help homeowners enjoy a more attractive property. Contact us now, and let’s make your roof shine!

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