Roof restorations can be costly, because not only does the roof repairer have to clean the roof, they may need to replace tiles, do repointing or rebedding, and even replace flashing. Minor repairs can cost as little as $300 to $600, depending on the size of the roof, but full roof restorations can cost anywhere from $5000 for an average sized house to $15,000 for a large house with a complex roof structure, with a reputable and insured roofing company.

if you get online quotes for a roof restoration, list everything the roofing company needs to know about the roof. You might not know how many jobs need doing, so the online quotes may not be accurate and thus you may be hit with extras leading into the thousands for the unknowns, but a reputable company will come to your home, inspect the roof and give an obligation-free quote for their services.

Will my insurance cover a leak and damages caused?

A leaking roof and the cost of roof leak repair may be covered by insurance depending on your policy, what caused the leak and whether you’ve kept up with maintenance on your roof.

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