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Prevent Unwanted Damage

Are your roof tiles cracked, broken or damaged? When was the last time you had a professional inspect on top of your home? When gaps and cracks appear in-between your roofs tiling, it needs to be re-pointed to avoid leaks and nasty damage. At URB’n Roofing in Brisbane, we provide high-quality and affordable roof repointing services for commercial and residential clients throughout Southeast Queensland. 

Over time, your roof tiles, ridge caps, barge caps and pointing will break. Our professional team will visually inspect your roof to determine if repointing is something you need. We only use premium quality materials to ensure long-lasting roof repointing services. 

Repointing, Rebedding & More

The process of tiling a roof involves bedding, which is a sand, cement and mortar mix, used to hold tiles in place. When this bedding breaks down, tiles become loose, which is a sign your roof needs rebedding and repointing ASAP. Our experienced roofers will remove any old cement and pointing material before applying new bedding with ridge capping. 

Using bedding we’ll cement the tiles in place before applying pointing on the exposed edges to prevent water penetration. Our modern materials will reduce the risk of shrinkage and cracking, often associated with cement.

Roof Repointing — URB’n Roofing In Gumdale, QLD

Choose your Service

Our professional roof restoration services include pressure cleaning, repointing and re-coating. This enables your roof to withstand the harsh Australian weather for years to come.

Over time roof tiles, ridge caps and pointing breaks down allowing water penetration. We’ll reseal and repoint all capping to ensure a strong and durable roof.

Extend the lifetime of your roof and avoid major restorations thanks to our professional repair services. We repair an extensive range of commercial and residential roofs.

A leaking roof can result in expensive damage to your home. Our experienced team will locate and repair leaks before they become a major problem.

Professional gutter & fascia painting will complete the look of a freshly recoated roof. Using the highest-quality materials, we can paint aluminium, vinyl and steel.

Transform the look and feel of your home with our professional roof painting services. With a range of colours available, we have something for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Roof Restoration will significantly improve the appearance of the house and increase its value.

Yes. Colour coating your roof using quality products will prevent further erosion of the surface and inhibit the re-growth of moss and lichen. Restoration and coating protect the roof and ensure it is weatherproof.

The repair and maintenance work protects your roof structure while the roof coating not only provides aesthetic appeal but also assists in improving longevity to the roof surface.  Some general repair and maintenance are usually required on all roofs that are being re-coated.